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Park Plaza Hospital and Medical Center

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Dr. Nilesh A. Patel
Dr. Nilesh A. Patel

Serving patients seeking bariatric surgery or revision weight loss surgery in Houston and the surrounding area

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Park Plaza Hospital is home to one of the foremost Houston bariatric surgery centers in the region. The board-certified general surgeons at the Park Plaza Hospital Bariatric Center have some of the best weight loss surgery results in the healthcare field. It is the surgeons' and staff's mission to provide bariatric patients with optimum medical care from the initial consultation to post-operative support. The surgeons at Park Plaza Hospital treat every patient with compassion and respect, and are dedicated to helping patients make informed and confident decisions regarding their surgery.

Park Plaza Hospital surgeons perform sophisticated FDA-approved bariatric surgical procedures, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and Lap-Band surgery, revision bariatric surgery, duodenal switch surgery and several other weight loss procedures.

When deemed appropriate for the patient, the surgeons at Park Plaza Hospital utilize the laparoscopic approach to bariatric surgery, which decreases the chance of surgical complications and leads to quicker recovery. During laparoscopic weight loss surgery, the surgeon inserts a thin surgical device with a small camera on the end into the patient's abdomen. The camera transmits a video feed onto a screen in the operating room. That way, the surgeon can monitor progress throughout the procedure. The benefits of laparoscopic bariatric surgery include the need for fewer and smaller incisions than with traditional surgery. This typically leads to less scarring, less pain and quicker recovery.

Many of the Houston bariatric surgery providers at Park Plaza Hospital can also provide referral information for reconstructive surgical procedures intended to address the needs of bariatric patients after weight loss surgery. Procedures such as body lift, thigh lift, arm lift and abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck" surgery) can help eliminate any excess skin that is leftover following bariatric surgery.

To schedule a personal consultation with a qualified weight loss surgeon and learn more about your bariatric surgery options, please contact the New Beginning’s Bariatric Center at Park Plaza Hospital by calling (800) 401-3171. If you have questions specific to the different surgeries, you can talk to our certified bariatric nurse.

What Do Patients Say About Park Plaza Hospital

"I had laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass surgery June 4, 2002. I lost 160 pounds. Losing this weight has opened up my world, my life, and my spirit. The biggest transformation to the naked eye is my outward appearance. I went from a size 28 Women's to a size 8/10. But, in reality, the biggest transformation has been emotionally. I walk with my head up and greet people. I smile all the time. The light inside that had been dimmed by the layers of fat now shines bright and the world has opened up to me in ways that I could not have even imagined.

"I am now proud to say that my biggest surgery goal has come true. I have enjoyed all of the benefits of increased health, quality of life, and a smaller size, but now I have the family that I have always dreamed of! In 2007 I gave birth to healthy twins; a boy and a girl! They are the light of my life and I am able to do all of the things that I envisioned doing as a parent. I am constantly down on the floor playing with them. And, I can get up off the floor by myself! I know that my pregnancy was so much easier and safer because I was at a healthy weight. I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am and what a dramatic life change weight loss surgery has provided me.

"Because of the wonderful changes this surgery has helped me to make, I decided I really wanted to work with people considering weight loss surgery. I get the opportunity to share my experiences as well as guide and support those considering surgery. My greatest pleasures are sharing the joys of other patients when they reach milestones that "skinny" people take for granted. I love to hear people tell me they crossed their legs for the first time, or buckled the airplane seatbelt! I have been very blessed and touched by each of the people I have gotten the opportunity to work with. I am excited every day for the people that I may be able to help and see their lives transform as my own has." –Carli

More About Park Plaza Hospital

The Park Plaza Hospital bariatric team is committed to going the extra mile to help patients attain the weight loss outcome they desire. They deliver comprehensive bariatric care — from initial patient education to post-operative support groups — with compassion and professionalism. The team at Park Plaza Hospital goes beyond traditional care in a number of ways, including helping patients get their insurance company to cover bariatric surgery.

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