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Atlanta Bariatric Surgery and Lap Band Specialists

Atlanta is home to many skilled bariatric surgeons. This directory lists several experienced Atlanta weight loss surgery specialists who have performed numerous successful bariatric and lap band procedures. These talented Atlanta bariatric surgeons use some of the most advanced technologies and techniques to provide their patients with the most effective treatments possible. Two commonly performed bariatric procedures are gastric bypass (such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) and gastric banding (such as Lap- band and Realize band surgeries). While these procedures can help many patients, they are not for everyone. Some patients who suffer from obesity first need to improve certain health conditions to qualify for weight loss surgery. Only a one-on-one consultation with an experienced Atlanta bariatric surgeon can help you determine if you are a candidate for a weight loss surgery such as Lap-Band.

Resources for Visiting Atlanta Bariatric Surgery Patients

Many people who travel to Atlanta for weight loss surgery spend their recovery time in this lively, beautiful city. Atlanta has temperatures ranging from 40°F in December to 90°F in August. Atlanta also receives abundant rainfall all year round, which supports the city's plentiful, diverse plant life. Downtown Atlanta and its many suburbs feature numerous trees and dense vegetation, which has helped this southern city earn a reputation as a "city in a forest." To preserve Atlanta's unique flora, the volunteers at the Trees Atlanta organization spend numerous hours each year planting new trees and maintaining the health of the existing ones. Atlanta is also famous worldwide as the location of the 1996 Summer Olympics. In order to host this impressive event, the city of Atlanta built several large sports and transportation facilities, the most notable of which is the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. Visitors of Atlanta who are interested in an enriching cultural experience can attend the exhibits at some of Atlanta's world-class museums, such as the High Museum of Arts. This facility features more than 11,000 works of art, including several masterpieces by Claude Monet, Giovanni Batista Tiepolo and Martin Johnson Heade.

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