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About Bariatric Surgeons Performing Lap Band and Gastric Bypass Surgery in Charleston, South Carolina

Obesity is a health problem that affects many people in Charleston, South Carolina and throughout the country. Unfortunately, regular exercise and a healthy diet alone is often not enough to overcome this debilitating condition. Many people use bariatric surgery procedures such as Lap Band surgery to lose weight and have a better quality of life. Weight loss surgeons in Charleston offer several solutions for patients to achieve dramatic weight loss, including gastric banding surgery and gastric bypass surgery. These procedures work by reducing the amount of food a patient consumes before feeling full. In addition to their surgical expertise, top bariatric surgeons in Charleston provide patients with a full support group, including psychologists and nutritionists, which aid them throughout the entire weight loss surgery process.

Following the massive weight loss typically associated with bariatric surgery, many patients visit a board certified plastic surgeon for help in dealing with excess skin to achieve their body contour they desire. Many females undergo breast lift or breast reduction for help in creating a more attractive bustline. Other patients may receive a tummy tuck or more specialized fat reduction through liposuction. Please visit the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery for more information.

Places to See in Charleston for Bariatric Surgery Patients

There is a variety of enlightening and entertaining activities for bariatric surgery patients to enjoy in Charleston before their procedure. South Carolina features a unique and rich history that is still present throughout Charleston. At the Charleston Museum, visitors can explore the history of the region, including fossils of local prehistoric creatures and artifacts from the Civil War era. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of how residents once lived in the area by viewing clothing, furniture, tools and gadgets from previous centuries.

Visitors can take a closer look at local wildlife and exotic animals at the South Carolina Aquarium. It contains a variety of interesting exhibits that mimic several unique ecosystems, including ocean, coastal, salt marsh, mountain forest and even an arctic environment where visitors can take a peek at how penguins live. In addition, the aquarium is equipped with a touch tank where visitors can interact with aquatic animals found along South Carolina's coast, including hermit crabs, whelks, sea urchins, horseshoe crabs and Atlantic stingrays.

If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this Weight Loss Surgeon Directory, please call (858) 454-5505 or email us.