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Dr. Stefanie Vaimakis
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Serving patients seeking weight loss surgery, including gastric sleeve, Lap Band surgery, gastric bypass and bariatric revision surgery, in New Jersey and the surrounding area

The bariatric surgeons of North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates Stefanie Vaimakis, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Vincent Iannace, MD, FACS, and Duane Fredericks, MD — have nearly 30 years of collective experience performing laparoscopic weight loss surgery. All three surgeons have received advanced fellowship training in bariatric surgery; Drs. Vaimakis and Iannace have earned the prestigious status of Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Dr. Vaimakis is also a Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (FASMBS). He was the first surgeon to perform laparoscopic gastric banding at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and Holy Name Medical Center. At North Jersey Bariatrics, Drs. Vaimakis, Iannace and Fredericks are committed to helping patients that are suffering from obesity lose excess weight with the help of bariatric surgery — and to helping them set the foundation for making healthier lifestyle choices for the rest of their lives.

We Perform the following Gastric Balloon Procedures

The Obalon Balloon System is lightweight and occupies space in your stomach. Because you have less space in your stomach, you eat less. A short endoscopic procedure is used for removal.

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ReShape Gastric Balloon

The ReShape Procedure is a new, FDA approved, non-surgical approach to weight loss that is proven to help people achieve and maintain significant weight loss. The ReShape gastric ballon procedure was specifically designed for patients with a lower BMI (between 30-40).

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ORBERA® Gastric Balloon

ORBERA® is a weight loss balloon designed to help with portion control and ultimately improve weight loss. The technology and design of the balloon helps patients lose up to 3x the weight of diet and exercise alone.

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Drs. Vaimakis, Iannace and Fredericks have extensive expertise in a wide range of bariatric surgeries, including one of their most-requested procedures, Lap-Band adjustable gastric banding weight loss surgery. Drs. Vaimakis, Iannace and Fredericks also offer gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery. In addition, they will soon be one of a select group of practices that offer the gastric balloon procedure, a 20-minute, noninvasive endoscopic procedure, during which a soft balloon is placed in the stomach to restrict the amount of food that a patient can consume. All surgeries performed at North Jersey Bariatrics are done laparoscopically. During laparoscopic procedures, the surgeon makes several small incisions in the treatment area (i.e., the abdomen) instead of one large incision, as is the case with traditional “open” surgery. The surgeon inserts the surgical instruments through the small incisions. As the name suggests, one of the main surgical devices used in laparoscopic surgery is a laparoscope — a long, thin instrument with a camera on the end of it. The camera transmits a video feed from inside the abdomen onto a screen in the operating room, allowing the surgeon to monitor the progress of surgery. Thanks to the use of several smaller incisions, laparoscopic surgery is less invasive than the conventional open technique.

North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates quickly rose to prominence as a premier weight loss treatment center. Our surgeons, registered dietitian, chef, life coach, exercise physiologist and entire bariatric team are part of a comprehensive weight loss program that includes nutrition counseling, follow-up care and access to support groups. Based on North Jersey Bariatrics’ total care plan and consequent high success rates among patients, our practice was chosen to provide education and training to other practices to help them improve their overall structure, patient care and outcomes. Drs. Vaimakis, Iannace and Fredericks strongly believe in the importance of patient education and of giving patients the tools to lose excess weight successfully — and keep it off over the long run.

Take the first step in improving your health and quality of life — today. By taking the first step right now, you can soon achieve a healthy weight, so you are free from the frustrations, burdens and illnesses that are associated with the extra weight. The weight is over, and you don’t have to carry it anymore. North Jersey Bariatrics has a solution that fits your needs. To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Vaimakis, Dr. Iannace or Dr. Fredericks and learn more about your weight loss options, contact North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates by calling (877) 591-7518.

What Do Patients Say About Their Experiences With North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates?

"At NJLA they are committed to seeing you succeed and provide ALL the tools necessary for you to do so. Sure, the surgery is a huge step but the AFTER CARE is MOST important! NJLA has a nutritionist to help you adjust to your new dietary needs; a psychologist to help you adjust to your new lifestyle change; a fitness instructor to help guide you into a more active lifestyle AND the doctors are available for adjustments several times each week, in various offices. It's not about the numbers at NJLA, it's about the patients. I've experienced first-hand and you can ask any other patient of theirs. You are not just a "patient" to the staff at are FAMILY." —Val

"Dr. V is amazing! She is a seasoned, kind, caring medical professional at the top of her game. She runs an incredible practice, which reflects the highest standard and modern tools. I highly recommend Dr. V and fully expect to be her patient as long as she decides to grace us with her craft. I don't assume, I am 100% sure that Dr. Vaimakis put her heart and soul behind every surgery and I have profound respect for her." —Catherine

"I just want to take the time to thank Dr. Iannace for taking on my care and giving me the encouragement to stick to my procedure and work with it for a success! I started with another doctor and his office didn't have much in the way of follow up care. I saw Dr. Iannace and feel very comfortable with him. He is a very caring individual and his program encourages support both prior and post surgery and I am all in to get this right!" —Anna

More About the Bariatric Surgeons of North Jersey Laparoscopic Associates

Meet Dr. Vaimakis

Meet Dr. Vaimakis - Español

Stefanie Vaimakis, MD, FACS, FASMBS, earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from New York University Medical School before completing a general surgery residency at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center in NYC. She then performed a training fellowship in advanced laparoscopy at Montefiore Medical Center’s Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery in New York, where she discovered her passion for bariatric surgery. Dr. Vaimakis started her private practice in 2005. In addition to her dual-fellow status, she is a member of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), the Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ), the Bergen County Medical Society and the American Medical Association (AMA). She is also a proctor for Lap Band, a position that requires her to teach the Lap Band surgery technique to other weight loss surgeons. Dr. Vaimakis is medical director of bariatric surgery at both Holy Name Medical Center and Palisades Medical Center; she is also affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and Hackensack UMC at Pascack Valley. Dr. Vaimakis is passionate about her work. As she explains, she is “amazed at the difference the surgery makes in people’s lives, not just physically, but socially, professionally and emotionally as well. It is like no other field in surgery because it allows the surgeon to have a lifelong relationship with the patient. It is also the most gratifying field because it gives the chance to really make a difference in someone’s life, and, because of that, I absolutely love what I do; this is why I have dedicated myself to this field.”

Duane Fredericks, MD, obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree at Temple University School of Medicine. He completed a residency in general surgery at the Graduate / Temple University Hospital. Dr. Fredericks then completed advanced fellowship training in bariatric surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center, studying under the highly respected surgeons Dr. George Fielding and Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding. During his fellowship, his specific focus was adjustable gastric banding weight loss surgery. Dr. Fredericks worked for Allergan, the original creators of the Lap Band, as part of the development team; he constructed the “total care” procedure designed to improve Lap Band surgery outcomes. He also worked for Ethicon, the original creators of the Realize Band. Dr. Fredericks is a member of the American Medical Association, the National Medical Association and the Society of Black Academic Surgeons. Dr. Fredericks believes that New Jersey Laparoscopic Associates is “about the patients and not the numbers. We dedicate our time to ensure our patients are successful not only in losing weight, but also in reaching their ultimate goals of living a happy and healthy life.”

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