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Information on Weight Loss Surgery Procedures in Piedras Negras

Piedras Negras weight loss surgeons are experienced medical providers who strive to help their patients overcome obesity. This serious condition is often responsible for diabetes, heart disease and emotional distress for both patients and their families. Weight loss surgery procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric banding with Lap Band or Realize Band and gastric sleeve surgery have helped countless Piedras Negras bariatric surgery patients overcome obesity and the illnesses induced by this condition.

Why Lap Band or Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Piedras Negras weight loss surgeons most frequently perform Lap Band surgery or gastric sleeve gastrectomy because these two procedures help allow patients to avoid intestinal rerouting and malnutrition, which are associated with numerous postoperative complications. In each procedure, the surgeon resizes the stomach by either removing a portion of it or manipulating its size through the placement of a silicone-filled device (Lap Band/Realize Band). Although Lap Band cost may be higher than gastric sleeve, many patients choose this procedure because the silicone device that is placed around the stomach can easily be adjusted or removed, if necessary.

Revision Bariatric Surgery Procedures in Piedras Negras and Life After Weight Loss

For patients who regain some weight following bariatric surgery, many Piedras Negras weight loss surgeons perform the incision-free StomaphyX revision surgery. Revision weight loss surgery is often necessary for patients whose stomach has stretched following an initial procedure. However, StomaphyX is not necessary for patients who undergo Lap Band surgery. Piedras Negras weight loss patients who experience massive weight loss following surgery often undergo post-bariatric body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck and breast lift with breast implants in order to sculpt their new bodies to match their aesthetic desires.

Traveling to Piedras Negras for Weight Loss Surgery

Piedras Negras is a city located in the Mexican state of Coahuila, just across the U.S.-Mexico border at Eagle Pass, Texas. Piedras Negras is a relatively small region and appeals to weight loss surgery patients who are looking to undergo a peaceful and private recovery. Before returning home, many U.S. weight loss surgery patients explore some of the most popular tourist attractions in Piedras Negras, which include the ruins of San Bernardo Mission and the Macro Plaza, a large square lined with restaurants, shops and the Culture House


1. US Embassy in Mexico
2. Mission San Bernardo

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