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About Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery

This website provides detailed information about weight loss surgery (or bariatric surgery), including information about who make the best candidates for each procedure, the recovery time after surgery and appropriate expectations. This site helps you choose the best bariatric surgeon for your needs. And you can find out what kind of training and qualifications your surgeon should have.

Our Team of Experts Ensure Unbiased and Authoritative Information

This guide will help you make an educated decision about your bariatric surgery treatment options — because of the unbiased articles and comprehensive topics covered. In addition, each article is prepared by our expert team of writers and editors, and each article is reviewed by an advisory board of leading, bariatric surgeons. So we can confidently say we’re giving you the highest-quality, most trustworthy content on the Web.

Our Mission Is to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Successful health-and-beauty strategies include a combination of bariatric surgery procedures and a regimen of post-surgery treatments customized for each individual. We hope this website gives you the information you need, including the cost of weight loss surgery and if weight loss surgery insurance can be helpful. We also hope it helps you to make well-informed decisions, and empowers you to achieve all of your health goals. Read more about our mission.

Who We Are

This website is a publication of Ceatus Media Group LLC, a company established in 2004 to produce consumer health web portals and directories, and is funded via surgeon profiles and advertising. Other online publications include Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery®, with comprehensive information about plastic surgery procedures, including gynecomastia surgery and breast lift, how to find a plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery, such as for cancer patients; Consumer Guide to Dentistry®, with detailed information about wisdom teeth removal, braces and TMJ treatment, Refractive Surgery News, with the latest news and updates about LASIK and cataract surgery.

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