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Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

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    Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Are you a candidate for this newer type of weight loss surgery? Evaluate the risks, weigh the costs and find out now.

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    Bariatric Surgery Price Guide

    Compare the costs of weight loss surgeries and determine whether you may be eligible for insurance coverage.

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    Rid yourself of troublesome post-bariatric excess fat and skin with this popular body contouring procedure.

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    Lap Band Surgery

    Learn how you might decrease your appetite and gradually lose weight with the gastric banding system known as Lap Band.

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    Understanding Gastric Bypass

    If diet and exercise have been unable to yield the weight loss results you seek, perhaps gastric bypass is your solution.

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    7 Weight Loss Surgery Myths

    Weight loss surgery can be a life-changing event, but some people are turned off by misconceptions. Here are seven weight loss surgery myths to ignore...

  • Lap Band Lap-Band Surgery - 8 Things

    Here are eight interesting Lap-Band System facts that could help you determine whether or not the gastric banding treatment is a fit for you...

  • Nut Benefits That's Nuts! Health Benefits of 9 Nuts

    Nuts can be an essential component of a healthy diet. Eating a handful a diet can have an effect on your weight, your skin, etc. Here are 9 nut benefits...
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