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What Is Obesity?

Obesity is an illness that affects one-third of Americans and more than 500 million people around the world. Obesity is defined as having a BMI (body mass index) that is higher than 30 or a weight that is 20 percent more than it should be for the person's size and body type. Although some are able to ameliorate obesity through dieting and exercises, others struggle with the condition most of their lives. Boca Raton weight loss surgeons are medical doctors who provide effective surgical obesity treatments, including procedures for morbidly obese individuals (those with a BMI of 40 or higher).

The Different Types of Bariatric Procedures in Boca Raton

A weight loss surgeon in Boca Raton is a board certified general surgeon who has advanced training in a number of bariatric procedures. The most common surgical obesity treatments include gastric bypass surgery, Realize Band or Lap Band surgical procedure, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch. Many surgeons are also adept at performing revision bariatric surgery for Boca Raton weight loss surgery patients who have not achieved their desired results after a primary procedure, a rare but possible complication. In fact, some patients begin to regain weight after a few months or years, in which case, one of several less-invasive weight loss procedures is performed to jumpstart the weight loss. These procedures are known as incision-free procedures and include endoluminal sleeve, gastric balloon, StomaphyX and transoral ROSE.

Please contact a Boca Raton weight loss surgeon to learn more about your weight loss surgery options and all aspects of your treatment, including preoperative testing, candidacy, aftercare and gastric bypass, adjustable banding or gastric sleeve cost.

Cosmetic Treatments After Obesity Surgery in Boca Raton

After massive weight loss, many Boca Raton obesity patients begin to consider cosmetic body sculpting procedures to further enhance their body image and eliminate skin laxity and sagging. The most common post-bariatric body sculpting surgeries include body lift, arm lift, panniculectomy, thigh lift, bra-line back lift and face/neck lift. However, prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure, please be sure that you have achieved a stable weight and have discussed your decision with your weight loss surgeon, who will help you determine whether you are ready.


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