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Todd P. Belott, MD, FACS

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Dr. David C. Treen
Dr. David C. Treen
Dr. Todd P. Belott
Dr. Todd P. Belott

Serving patients seeking weight loss surgery, including gastric bypass, Lap Band and gastric sleeve surgery in New Orleans, Metairie and the surrounding area

David C. Treen, Jr., MD, FACS, and Todd P. Belott, MD, FACS, are board-certified general surgeons who perform bariatric surgery procedures, helping weight loss surgery patients take control of their weight and their lives. As one of Louisiana's premier weight loss surgery centers, Surgical Clinic of Louisiana has been featured in Louisiana's Health & Fitness magazine and on ABC's Nightline. Drs. Treen, Belott and the entire medical team of Surgical Clinic of Louisiana are committed to providing weight loss surgery patients with quality care, compassion and respect.

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The weight loss surgeons of Surgical Clinic of Louisiana offer the most sophisticated bariatric procedures available today, including adjustable gastric banding with Lap Band, gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve surgery). Both Dr. Treen and Dr. Belott are graduates of the prestigious Tulane School of Medicine and have advanced training in laparoscopic bariatric surgery, a less invasive surgical technique when compared to traditional open surgery. Dr. Treen was the first surgeon to perform laparoscopic gastric bypass and Lap Band at West Jefferson Medical Center. Dr. Belott was the first surgeon in the New Orleans area to introduce the use of the DaVinci Surgical Robot for laparoscopic bariatric surgery. The laparoscopic approach involves the use of a small camera (laparoscope) and small incisions, thereby reducing tissue trauma and resulting in a faster and safer weight loss surgery recovery.

Surgical Clinic of Louisiana offers each weight loss surgery patient a comprehensive weight loss program that includes patient education, preoperative preparations, assistance in making financial decisions, postoperative care and support services that focus on mental and emotional health. To educate patients about the various treatment options and what to expect on their journey to weight loss and better health, the surgeons of Surgical Clinic of Louisiana hold regularly scheduled seminars.


Views from inside the Surgical Clinic of Louisiana's surgical facility.

To obtain a seminar schedule, arrange a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Treen or Dr. Belott and learn more about your weight loss surgery options, please contact Surgical Clinic of Louisiana at (877) 267-4932.

What Do Patients Say About the Surgeons of Surgical Clinic of Louisiana?

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"By the time I reached 19 years of age, I weighed over 370 pounds. As a result of my obesity, I developed severe hip destruction, eventually requiring surgery. I was unable to walk or work, and had been in a wheel chair for the past eight years. I required 28 medications each day for treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes and hip pain control. My doctor warned that I was set up for a massive heart attack. I had Lap Band surgery on March 29, 2004 and have lost 200 pounds over the three years since the lap band surgery. Now, I'm out of the wheel chair, I take vitamins only, I have a full time job and my heart is doing fine. It was the best decision of my life." —Donald

"...On June 5, 2006, I underwent Lap Band surgery with Dr. Treen. In just a few weeks my life started to take a turn. The Lap Band was limiting the amount of food I could eat and I wasn't hungry all the time. I visited Dr. Treen and Michelle regularly and they provided me with the knowledge and support I needed to win this battle. They celebrated my success all along the way. All aspects of my life continued to improve as the weight literally fell off. Just eight months after lap band surgery, I reached my goal weight of 140 pounds. I feel great, and my energy level is much improved. Not only am I active with my family, I must say they can't keep up with me now! I feel as though I can take on the world. Not only did I lose 110 pounds, I gained a whole new me!" —Karen

"First, I'd like to thank God and Dr. Belott for giving me the tools I needed to free myself of a lifelong battle with obesity. Sure, I was pretty good at losing weight, but I could never keep it off, always getting heavier than I had been before the last diet. My failing health brought me to Dr. Belott's seminar. I had high blood pressure, acid reflux, sleep apnea and pain everywhere. One year later, I am no longer in pain, off my reflux medicine, on a half dose of pressure medicine and my cholesterol is normal. I no longer crave food and my hunger is gone. My dress size was 22-24, now I'm in a size 10! I have lost 80 pounds so far and feel great. If I could give you any advice, it would be three simple words: Just Do It! Just do it for YOU." —Yolanda

More About the Surgeons of Surgical Clinic of Louisiana

David C. Treen, Jr., MD, FACS, obtained his medical degree at Tulane School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Alton Ochsner Hospital and Clinic. He is currently the Director of Surgical Resident Education at Tulane Department of Surgery and West Jefferson Medical Center Campus. Dr. Treen is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Todd P. Belott, MD, FACS, received his medical degree at Tulane School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, one of the most prestigious surgical training institutions in the nation. Dr. Belott is Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at Tulane School of Medicine. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

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