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Greenbrae Weight Loss Surgery Options ΠAbout Top Bariatric Surgeons in Greenbrae

Individuals suffering from obesity often face a long, difficult struggle in their effort to lose weight. Top Greenbrae weight loss surgeons understand this complex medical condition and are ready to help patients reach a healthy body weight through proven bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding (Lap Band or Realize Band), duodenal switch, gastric sleeve and StomaphyX. Instead of relying on traditional weight loss surgery, today the best Greenbrae bariatric surgeons perform most procedures utilizing the latest, minimally invasive techniques. When undergoing weight loss surgery in Greenbrae, patients can expect a fast recovery and a low risk of complications.

In addition, the experienced bariatric surgeons in Greenbrae offer free educational seminars in which they educate prospective patients about essential weight loss methods to follow after surgery in order to achieve the most successful, life-changing results. Comprehensive post-operative support – including nutritional and emotional counseling – is also available to patients who undergo weight loss surgery under the care of an experienced Greenbrae bariatric specialist.

Many bariatric surgery patients seek out the services of a local plastic surgeon for help in contouring their body following their dramatic weight loss. Breast augmentation surgery is a popular procedure for women, while both sexes frequently undergo a panniculectomy, which is a procedure similar to tummy tuck surgery.

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Greenbrae is a small community in Marin County, just southeast of downtown San Rafael. Former home of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and a number of other prominent individuals, Greenbrae is a popular destination among patients seeking quality weight loss procedures and a peaceful, pleasant recovery time. Notable local attractions that visitors might find quite enjoyable include the Marin History Museum and the Artisans Art Gallery in San Rafael. To learn more about Greenbrae, San Rafael and local attractions in Marin County, please visit Greenbrae's official website.


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