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Kansas City (KC) Lap-Band and Realize Band Surgeons

Kansas City weight loss surgeons offer several types of weight loss surgery for patients suffering from obesity.

This includes "restrictive" surgeries such as gastric banding, a procedure in which a band is placed around part of the stomach to prevent it from holding excess food.

Gastric bypass is another popular procedure performed by Kansas City weight loss surgeons. During this procedure, a portion of the stomach is removed and the sections attached to it are reattached to each other.

Before selecting a Kansas City weight loss surgeon, make sure to read about several surgeons with advanced education in bariatric surgery. Experienced weight loss surgeons in Kansas City, who also treat weight loss surgery St. Louis patients, will be able to educate you on the benefits and possible complications of bariatric surgery, and can advise you as to which procedure best suits your needs.

Traveling to Kansas City for Bariatric Surgery

With a host of talented bariatric surgeons, Kansas City, MO is an excellent place to have weight loss surgery.

Often referred to as the "heart of America" due to its location near the center of the continental United States, the Kansas City (KC) metropolitan area straddles the border of Missouri and Kansas. Locals refer to six distinct sections of this massive area: Northland, Midtown, South KC, Eastside, Johnson County and Wyandotte County, Kansas.

The Kansas City area is home to many universities, including Rockhurst University, DeVry University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). Formerly known as the University of Kansas City, UMKC joined the University of Missouri system in 1963. In addition to its undergraduate programs, this impressive institution also has well known postbaccalaureate programs that train thousands of future doctors, dentists, lawyers and other professionals each year.

If you will be undergoing weight loss surgery in Kansas City, you will need some time to rest and recover following surgery. Once you are up and about, parks such as Cave Spring Historic Site & Nature Center provide a great place to take a relaxing walk and enjoy the scenery.

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