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Bariatric surgery isn't about what you lose. It's about what you gain.

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Whether that's good health, greater energy, pain-free mobility, self-esteem or a good night's sleep, losing weight can do more than change your size. It can change your life.

At the Mount Carmel Bariatric Center, that's what we're here to help you do. Our multi-disciplinary team of surgeons, a nurse practitioner, bariatric nurse navigator, bariatric dietician and specially trained nurses offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss that's not only medically successful, but also warm, caring and compassionate. And that doesn't end when you leave the hospital.

We offer personal, nutritional and lifestyle support long after surgery to make sure you achieve all your goals – not just your goal weight. So take a closer look at the Mount Carmel Bariatric Center and see what you can gain from our patient-centered approach to weight loss.

Mount Carmel's Bariatric Center serves patients seeking weight loss surgery procedures, including adjustable gastric banding, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery in Central Ohio.

Marcus Miller, MD, and Maurice-Pierre Pagé, MD, and Chazz Dabbs, MD, are board-certified general surgeons who comprise the surgical team of the state-of-the-art Mount Carmel Bariatric Center. Under the leadership of Drs. Miller, Pagé, and Dabbs, Mount Carmel Bariatric Center provides weight loss surgery patients with a range of advanced bariatric options, each being part of a comprehensive weight loss management program with life-changing implications. The skilled weight loss surgeons of Mount Carmel Bariatric Center have successfully performed more than 3,500 bariatric procedures, consistently delivering safe and remarkable results that are well above the national average. It's an experienced, consistent, compassionate team that allows us to not only provide comprehensive care and achieve excellent outcomes that are well above national measures, but also to be here for patients like you long before and long after your bariatric surgery — when that understanding and experience matter most.

Drs. Miller, Pagé, and Dabbs offer an array of bariatric procedures, including adjustable gastric banding, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy, more commonly known as gastric sleeve surgery. Each procedure reduces the capacity of the stomach, thereby restricting food intake and inducing safe and gradual weight loss. Patients who undergo weight loss surgery are able to remedy many health problems associated with obesity, including diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, depression and more.

The Bariatric Center is an exclusive 10-bed unit with unique furnishings, equipment and even gowns to accommodate people of all sizes. And because it's located on the Mount Carmel West campus, there's plenty of diagnostic equipment and an ICU nearby for any special need or circumstance.

Drs. Miller and Pagé offer free educational seminars to help prospective patients explore whether bariatric surgery is the right choice for them. At these forums, patients learn about the different bariatric surgeries and have an opportunity to meet and ask questions of the surgeons.

For more information about bariatric surgery at Mount Carmel or to obtain times, dates and locations for our free educational forum, call 614-234-LIFE.

The Mount Carmel Bariatric Center is a MBSAQIP Accredited Center offering all the procedures, professionals, education and support you need to lose weight safely and permanently. Ours is a dedicated 10-bed unit within Mount Carmel West. And because the unit is used primarily for bariatric surgery, it's equipped with unique furnishings, equipment and even gowns to accommodate people of all sizes.

What Do Patients Say About Mount Carmel Bariatric Center?

"Being a competitive athlete and mountain climber weren't even on my radar screen. I had a family history of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and two degenerative discs in my lower back. I'd made a lot of bad choices and had to make a drastic change. My bariatric surgery was a life-altering event. It taught me unyielding determination. And I've used that lesson to not only lose the weight, but to compete in numerous marathons and triathlons, and climb Mt. Ranier and Mt. McKinley. And soon I'm going to be the first bariatric patient to climb Mt. Everest." —Erin

"Making it through life without having health issues was a big concern of mine, but my self-esteem was an even bigger issue. I was insecure and felt like I was holding back others in my life, so I never went out with my friends. Now I'm not just healthier, I'm happier. I have a positive outlook on myself and my life, and I'm doing all the things I never had the energy or the self-confidence to do." —Amanda

"At 332 pounds, I suffered from sleep apnea, high blood pressure and a chronic knee injury. On top of that I was very depressed. Thanks to the surgery, all of these conditions have improved tremendously. I no longer have sleep apnea, so I can dream again. And even though I'm going to need knee replacement surgery, the pain I feel now is a lot less. This experience has not only changed me physically, it has helped me love myself again, too." —Karen

"I have to say, I didn't really have a mental picture of my future. My father died at 49 and with my obesity, I didn't see myself making it to my late 50s or beyond. But that was before I lost 197 pounds. Now I've got the feeling of living back. My life continues to evolve, and it's only getting better. I can see milestones in the future and I can now see myself reaching them." —Wally

More About the Surgeons of Mount Carmel Bariatric Center

Marcus Miller, MD, obtained his medical degree at Wright State University. He completed his internship and residency at Mount Carmel Health. Dr. Miller is affiliated with the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Maurice-Pierre Pagé, MD, received his medical degree from University of Kentucky College of Medicine and then completed a residency at Mount Carmel. Board-Certified by the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Pagé recently completed a fellowship in Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery at Medical College of Wisconsin.

Chazz Dabbs, MD, received his medical degree from the Northwestern University, and completed his surgical training at Wright State's Boonshoft School of Medicine, practicing at the city hospitals in the Dayton metropolitan area.

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