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Information on Obesity Treatment by Top Nevada Weight Loss Surgeons

Weight loss surgery is often a last-resort treatment for patients who have struggled with obesity most of their lives and have been unable to successfully achieve a healthy weight after having attempted other types of weight reduction regimens. Weight loss surgeons in Nevada perform a variety of obesity surgeries, also known as bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding with Lapband, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch. Gastric banding is less invasive and results in fewer complications than gastric bypass; it can be performed with either Lap Band or Realize Band. Consulting a Nevada weight loss surgeon is essential in determining your candidacy for adjustable gastric banding and learning more about preoperative nutrition, details of the procedure, the recovery process, postoperative support, possible complications and Realize Band cost.

Incision-Free Weight Loss Procedures

Today, all weight loss procedures performed in the United States are invasive; however, a number of incision-free procedures are currently being studied in clinical trials across the country. Procedures such as the gastric balloon, EndoBarrier sleeve and Toga surgery, not yet approved by the FDA, are performed via the patient’s mouth with the assistance of a laparoscope (small camera). Similar procedures include StomaphyX and Transoral ROSE, but they are performed on patients who have regained some weight following gastric bypass. Incision-free weight loss procedures are currently being performed in other parts of the world, including Canada and Europe. Bariatric surgeons in the United States may soon be able to offer incision-free procedures to patients who qualify.

Information for Patients Traveling to Nevada to Undergo Weight Loss Surgery

Nevada is located in the western United States and is the most arid state in the country. It is home to the Mojave Desert, the Sierra Nevada Mountains (which extend into California) and Lake Tahoe, the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, offering several ski resorts in the winter and numerous outdoor recreational activities in the summer. The lake is also a source of drinking water for many Tahoe Basin communities. Nevada is home to Las Vegas, a world-famous city specifically built for entertainment and gambling. Also known as “Sin City,” Las Vegas attracts millions of national and international tourists annually.


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If you are interested in receiving information on how to be listed in this Weight Loss Surgeon Directory, please call (858) 454-5505 or email us.