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Peter LePort, M.D. – Medical Director
Mir B. Ali, M.D.
Michael Russo, M.D.


18111 Brookhurst St., Suite 5600
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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Serving patients seeking bariatric surgery procedures, including gastric bypass and the gastric balloon, in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the surrounding area

Peter LePort, MD; Mir Ali, MD; and Michael Russo, MD are board-certified general surgeons of Smart DIMENSIONS Weight Loss in Orange County, California. Dr. LePort leads a multidisciplinary team that has helped thousands of patients struggling with morbid obesity to lose weight, resolve obesity-related medical conditions and enjoy a higher quality of life. Many patients of Dr. LePort have been able to lose up to 90 percent of their excess weight and lead happy and healthy lives. Smart DIMENSIONS Weight Loss has been recognized by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as a Center of Excellence based on its stellar track record of favorable outcomes and the superb quality of care available at the practice.

Dr. LePort’s team is highly trained and vastly experienced in several effective weight loss procedures, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and adjustable gastric banding surgery with the Lap Band or the Realize Band. Considered one of the foremost bariatric surgeons in the area, Dr. LePort uses laparoscopic surgical techniques, which are less invasive than traditional open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is performed through several small incisions and incorporates the use of a small camera to help guide the surgeon while operating. When compared with traditional bariatric surgery, this approach leads to less trauma, less scarring, fewer complications and a quicker recovery.

In addition to offering bariatric surgery, Dr. LePort, Dr. Ali and Dr. Russo are a few of the select group of surgeons offering the FDA-approved ReShape™ gastric balloon. This soft silicone balloon is placed in the stomach in a minimally invasive surgery that takes less than 30 minutes to finish and requires a short recovery period afterward. Once in place, the ReShape gastric balloon limits food intake and diminishes feelings of hunger as the patient follows the diet and behavior modifications prescribed by Dr. LePort. The gastric balloon remains in place for six months as the patient loses weight gradually over this period of time.

Dr. LePort and his hand-picked team at Smart DIMENSIONS Weight Loss offer complete support to patients before, during and after their weight loss surgeries. Resources include nutritional counseling, access to informative books, weight loss supplements and support groups. The practice’s comprehensive program is designed to help patients stay informed about their surgical care and equipped with the tools they need to safely and healthfully attain and maintain their goal weight. Dr. LePort’s team includes gastroenterologists, general medical physicians and internists, and plastic surgeons.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. LePort or one of his team members and learn more about your weight loss options, please contact Smart DIMENSIONS Weight Loss at 866-955-8968.

What Do Patients Say About Dr. LePort?

“I had my gastric bypass two years ago this August and what led me to do the surgery was I have a 16-year history of a chronic illness called pseudotumor cerebri, which is basically high brain pressure, uncontrolled, and this was an experiment for me after multiple surgeries that did not work. After multiple shunt placements and failures, my neurosurgeon suggested I have gastric bypass as a way that could possibly not cure me but relieve all the symptoms. I have lost 110 pounds and I have been symptom-free for two years. Dr. LePort, his staff and all the other associated doctors have been amazing throughout the whole process. They have been supportive, and for any questions I have ever had (no matter what time I needed a question answered) I could call up and be reassured. From the moment that I stepped through the door, they supported me 100 percent.” —Bobbi

Hear what just a few Smart DIMENSIONS™ patients have to say about their bariatric surgery experience.
“I urgently came to see Dr. LePort because I was 652 pounds. I had a pannus that hung down below my knees and I could barely walk, I was having other health-related issues, lymphedema that kind of thing. I had just started a new life with my wife and I wanted to be around for a long time. But at the rate I was going, I was not going to be. It has been an amazing transformation between that and where I am at now. I am about 18 months out from my surgery. I have lost about 370 pounds and I walk, I run the family errands, I am going to school and I’m ready to get back to work. It has been amazing. Dr. LePort pays attention, he listens and he was very aware of what was going on. When I had a health issue recently as well as last May when it had nothing to do with the weight loss surgery, he was there. He came in and saw me and that just meant a lot to me. Dr. LePort has really been there for me and that has been amazing. Never had a doctor do that before.” —Harley

“I got real scared when my neighbor had talked to me about his brother who was 40 at the time and had passed away as a result of sleep apnea and he says, ‘Oh! Yeah, he died of being fat.’ I was standing there over 300 pounds thinking I don’t want to die. My dad was dead at 53 of heart failure, my brother at 43 of heart failure, and I thought at that point, I need to do something, so I tried dieting for five or six months and then heard about gastric bypass from somebody and then heard about Dr. LePort. I did all of my research, and it just kind of guided me to him. The surgery has changed my life. It has been a 100 percent turnaround. I am healthy. My blood pressure at one point was 190/110. It’s now 110/60. I play racquetball three to four times a week. I am really into being healthy. I love getting my blood tests done and my blood pressure because I know it’s going to come back okay. I just feel so good waking up in the morning, sometimes in the very beginning I used to wake up and say, ‘It’s a dream.’ Then I’d look in the mirror and say ‘No, it’s not a dream; it’s real.’ It really happened to me. I have had about five close friends go to Dr. LePort, all with great success, one of them I play racquetball with. Now he has joined a racquetball club.” —Wendy

More About Peter LePort, MD

Peter LePort, MD, is a board-certified general surgeon who attended Downstate Medical College in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. LePort also completed his surgical training at Downstate Medical College and served as an assistant professor for two years before moving to California. He founded the Lite & Smart Dimensions Weight Loss program (now known as Smart DIMENSIONS) in 1985. Initially focusing on gastric bypass surgery, Dr. LePort incorporated Lap Band surgery into his practice when it was approved by the FDA in 2001. He is currently a faculty member of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the Orange County Surgical Society as well as the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

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